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ISQC Integration

ISQC Integration

“AG International Consulting” offers you unique service specially for local audit companies.

As you know, today there are registered more than 300 local audit companies and only about 15 have international status, which assumes, that their quality is approved by one of international audit networks.
Also, according to the regulation of “Georgian Law of Accounting and Financial Reporting” from 2015 all local audit companies should maintain their activities according to International Standards of Audit.
There are 20 top international networks in the world, where it is prestigious to be a member of one of them, although there are about 13 members from the top 20 networks already presented in Georgia.

We offer you to integrate ISA and provide consulting job for all required procedures that is needed to become a member of international network, which includes:




Becoming the member of international audit network is the next step for your company development, which will bring you following benefits:

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